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-Soft Arc Stone Palace

The chic modern style builds up the external outline of the residence. Along with the weighty furniture, curved lines and straight light particles create an internal expression of calmness.

The overall traffic flow is reorganized in the layout of the merged house. A close but independent spatial relationship is established through a clear division of fields and transparent glass.

Upon opening the door, you will see a hollowed-out middle section in the linear background, with a soft arc as the outer frame and a non-artificial stone texture inside, constructing an entrance end view of sense and sensibility between order and disorder. Through the gentle colors, the mind can be settled when returning home.

The grand marble unfolds the main TV wall, and the bursting patterns of veins reveal the tough vitality of nature. The stone and light bands spread out horizontally. The doors of the bedroom and the storage cabinets are in curved shapes, while the uninterrupted flow opens up the generosity of the public area and injects a modern and simple flavor.

The soft curvature of the canopy echoes the main TV wall. On the other hand, the wall behind the sofa is made of dark gray stone to set the focus of the space with a sense of gliding.

The dining room is different from the casual living room. With a light gray color palette and elegant majolica tiles, the space of white conveys a gentle dining atmosphere. The rounded canopy shape symbolizes harmony and happiness of the family.

The framed canopy in the master bedroom gives a heightened sense of space, and the light bands meander along the curved surface, revealing delicate details. The warm earthy colors form a relaxing sleeping atmosphere, and the blank bedside wall is separated from the end view on both sides by using gaps to build rich layers. The hard stone and soft linear lamp serve as the bedhead, reflecting the charm of both the host and hostess in a blend of rigidity and flexibility. Under the light, the metal trim of rose gold on the closet door create a luxurious vibe.

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