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Topic: All-inclusive as Sea.

Sea, for its all-inclusive capacity, takes in everything.

The house owner, being broad-minded, adores blue sea, traveling, and accepting anything new, all of which inspire the designer to apply the diverse blue colors and to invent the extensive atmosphere as appealing as the sea to the house decorations. The ingenious design methods integrating the multiple decoration styles and applying the divergent colors have manifested the exotic charisma and far-reaching connotation.

The sophisticated patterns of ceramic tiles, adorned on the wall and floor at the entryway, expose the exotic charms. In the living room, the back wall disclosing the allurement of abstract oil painting and the exquisite carpet exposing the analogous pattern of ocean wave reciprocally harmonize in visual attraction. The pubic area, as the front indoor space, is composed of the living and dining room, both of which are distinguished by means of the elegant ceiling beams and mouldings. The delicate marbles massively decorated in the dining room artistically simulate the image of the ocean. The white dining room embellished with the gorgeous black chandelier and wall mouldings diffuses the new classical impression.

The design skill replicates the artistic image of ocean waves as the visual influence in the living room decorations, which encompass the carpet and wall. The vivid sea blues are comprehensively adorned in the living room, where the sea blue back wall and sofas enchanting people with diverse artistic concepts of blue have become the intriguing vista in the house. The delicate textures of the marble TV wall, which delicately distinguishes the living and study room, consistently correspond to the materials adorned in the dining room. The natural wood veneers ornamented in the study room spawn the distinct charisma. The American style wood blinds

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